In Flint as it is in Heaven 

Forge believes that God is at work in Flint. We exist to celebrate the Kingdom in Flint, through Christian community development.  We believe God has called us to join the work of restoring Flint, and know that together we can achieve more than we can apart.

Our spring and summer camps seek to connect students to the mission of God and to create environments where they can experience firsthand personal transformation and growth.  We believe this happens by pushing our existing comfort zones, meeting others where they’re at, and changing our preconceived notions of people and communities.  We desire to create friendships and unity amongst individuals, churches, and organizations who share a vision for the Kingdom of God. Forge is a recognized 501(c)(3). 





First Presbyterian Church of Flint

746 S. Saginaw St.

Flint, MI 48502



Service Camps

Our Summer service experiences join the ongoing work of the Urban Renaissance Center in the Civic Park Neighborhood. Together we work towards neighborhood development, stability and renewal through a variety of meaningful projects, including blight removal, painting, landscaping, and basic home repairs. Volunteers work together to restore life, pride and hope in the community. We believe that through these acts of love and service we are celebrate the Kingdom of God together.

Forge hosts week-long camps for junior high and high school students in the summer months and college groups during spring breaks. Each week, students participate in service projects, discussion groups, chapel services, excursions, games and fellowship. Students and youth leaders work in groups of 8-10, led by a Forge summer staffer and construction manager. A week at Forge is a great opportunity to form new friendships, be challenged spiritually and explore together what it means to follow Jesus and join God's mission. 

Trip Cost

$279 for students (Includes meals, lodging, project materials, t-shirt)

$79 nonrefundable deposit required per person to register

Summer 2017 Dates

July 9th - 15th... 52/65 spots filled

July 16th - 22nd... 55/65 spots filled

July 23rd -29th... *Requires a minimum of 40 people signed up to run. Please contact us if this is the week that works for you. 

2017 Registration

Please fill out the form below to register your organization for a Forge Flint Summer 2017 camp. The cost is $279 for students and for sponsors. To reserve your spot for Summer 2017, a $79 nonrefundable deposit is required for each participant. Reservations are not secured until initial deposits are received.  Groups may reserve a best-guess estimate of students, however the deadline for final counts is March 17, 2017. All spots that are held starting March, 17th, 2017 will be required to be paid for in full, regardless of attendance. Existing balances should be paid in full by May 18, 2017. Deposits should be made out to Forge Flint and sent to

First Presbyterian Church of Flint

Attn: Forge Flint

746 Saginaw Street

Flint, MI 48502

Typical Daily Schedule

8:00am     Wake Up
8:20           Breakfast
8:50           Morning prayer
9:00           Leave for work sites
12:00pm   Lunch at site // devotions
4:00           Work day ends
6:15            Dinner
7:00           Chapel
8:15            Free time // Family time
10:00         Lights out

Phone *
Primary Contact
Maximum Number of Participants is 55, Including Sponsors

Summer Staff

It’s not often in life that we get to evaluate our purpose, discuss our future, and reflect on our past.  As a summer intern with Forge, you’ll have the chance to grow personally and spiritually, while being surrounded by people who, like yourself, really want their lives to count for something and who desire to serve as Jesus did.  Interns build life-changing friendships with other college-aged people and grow in their faith throughout the course of the summer.  Summer interns should already be actively seeking to know and serve Christ, as they play a critical role in Forge’s summer camp by providing valuable leadership and Christ-like example both on and off-site.


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Church Adopt-a-Week

Forge needs volunteers to help prepare dinner each night of camp and hand out popsicles to campers on the work sites. Please contact us at forgeflint@gmail.com if you or your church is interested in adopting a week!





Where do we stay?

Forge campers sleep, eat, and worship in the lower level of First Presbyterian Church of Flint.  FPCF is located at 746 S. Saginaw in heart of downtown Flint.  The church is staffed with security and provides both a safe and comfortable environment for Forge.

What do we bring?

Each group is responsible for their own transportation. Each participant needs to bring bedding (sleeping bag and air mattress), pillow, work clothes, work gloves, reusable water bottle, and personal items. As for tools and building materials, Forge will provide everything your group will need.

When do we arrive and leave?

Groups are asked to arrive in Flint between 5:00-6:00pm on Sunday.  Camp will end late Friday night, so groups will leave first thing Saturday morning by 10:00am.

What do we do at night?

Each evening there will be a program that is filled with worship, fun, and teaching.  Each Wednesday afternoon and evening your group is free to explore Flint and the surrounding area.  

What safety precautions does Forge take?

The safety of its campers is Forge's first priority.  Forge is fully insured and seeks to partner with the group leaders and summer staff to select jobs at each site that would suit each student best.  There are a wide range of tasks that vary with skill level, so there is always a job for everyone!  Campers will also be directly supervised by a professional construction manager.

Are medical professionals available to my student while he or she is at camp?

Yes, both Hurley and McLaren hospitals are located minutes from where groups will be working and staying.  

Are there ways to partner with Forge if I am not a part of a youth group?

Yes!  Forge is always looking for ways to bring people together.  If you are interested in helping Forge flourish or want to collaborate your talents with ours, we'd love to talk to you!  Contact forgeflint@gmail.com or call (810) 354-5672.



Flint is the seventh largest city in Michigan, located 66 miles northwest of Detroit along the Flint River.  Originally settled in the 1800s by a fur trader and his Ojibwe wife, Flint started off as a small but prosperous village that was the ideal stopover on the trade route between Detroit and Saginaw.  In the latter half of the 19th century, Flint became a center of the Michigan lumber industry.  Lumber from the region was harvested for the manufacturing of carriages, which later gave way to automobiles.  Flint naturally grew into a major player in the automobile industry.  In the 1920s and 30s, companies such as General Motors, Buick, Delphi, and Chevrolet all had their starts here, creating decades of wealth and population influx that peaked at 200,000 in the 60s.

In 1966, Floyd McCree became the first African American mayor and one year later, progressive Flint voters passed the nation’s first open housing ordinance.  However, it did not lead to integrated neighborhoods as intended.  Instead, many caucasians with economic mobility began moving into surrounding suburban communities.  This flight was compounded by ongoing structural changes at GM to automate many jobs previously held by residents, while profit motives relocated many northern factories to lower-wage, non-union, southern states.  Since the boom of the 1960s through the end of the 20th century, Flint has suffered from disinvestment and deindustrialization.  The early twenty-first century has also proven to be difficult.  Two recessions, lower property tax revenues, and a decline in State revenue sharing translated into an unprecedented shrinkage of city services.  In response to this decline, Flint is now starting to see revitalization in the downtown area, pockets of neighborhood investment, and expansion of its institutional corridors, including economic growth in the education and medical sectors.  The work is far from done, but Forge is confident that through community collaboration and the work of the Holy Spirit, that the kingdom of God will come in Flint as it is in Heaven. 

Excerpts taken from Flint’s Master Plan. To read the full plan, click here.

Civic Park Neighborhood

Forge has the blessing of serving in collaboration with several wonderful organizations in the Flint community.  Over the past few years Forge has committed to focus it's efforts in the Civic Park neighborhood, working alongside Joy tabernacle Church and The Urban Renaissance Center.  Built by GM starting in 1916, Civic Park is the country's first planned neighborhood and is a national historical registered neighborhood.  



Aaron Dunigan | Project Manager

Jason Lipscomb | Garage Director & Project Manager

Matthew Soulia | Founder & Executive Director 

Melissa Yake | Operations 


Board of Directors

Fr. Paul Donnelly | Parochial Vicar, Faith in Flint Catholic Initiative

Rev. Aaron Dunigan | Assistant Pastor, Joy Tabernacle Church 

Treasurer: Angela Field | Director of Children's Ministry  

Gerry Leslie | MSHMIS Project Director

Secretary: Kim Skaff |  Director of Women's Ministry, First Presbyterian Church of Flint 

Rev. Monica Villarreal | Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church 

Chair: Rev. Prof. Todd Womack | Lecturer, Advisor, University of Michigan - Flint | Associate Pastor, Flint Central Nazarene

The Forge Garage


The Forge Garage

Forge Flint is now the proud owner of a garage property on the corner of Pierson and O'Connor. The garage will minister to under-resourced families by providing reduced cost auto repairs. "The Forge Garage" will also serve our community as a center for apprenticeship and job training. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help support the renovation of our building and the on-going ministry of The Forge Garage.  

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