Preparing for the Weeks to Come

Forge staff enjoying the sunset during a quick training week trip up north. 

Forge staff enjoying the sunset during a quick training week trip up north. 

We are only two days away from the first day of camps, and we could not be more excited! This summer, we will be hosting eleven different groups who will be coming into the city to serve with us and to explore this summer's theme of Unity in Christ. Our summer staff arrived early this week, and they have spent their time getting to know each other while working through devotions and becoming familiar with the city.

As they have been preparing for camps, the staff has been considering all that the summer may bring. They would like to share some of what they are looking forward to, as well as some prayer requests:

Summer staff is looking forward to:

  • Having the opportunity to talk and get to know the students who are coming into Flint. I am excited to hear their stories and where they come from
  • Seeing this community grow as a whole.
  • Being a part of God’s work in the community.
  • Excited to serve alongside the members of the Flint community.
  • Helping the youth understand that service and mission are to be lived out not just in this week here in Flint, but throughout their lives.
  • Exploring what it means to be united in Christ for this summer.
  • Introducing the students to the city of Flint and introducing them to the genuine people in the community rather than the stigmas and stereotypes of the city.
  • Excited to see youth groups unite as a whole, and build bonds with one another that they may not have done by their own doing before.


Prayer Requests:

  • Dan: Mental and emotional endurance and stability.
  • Kassie: That God gives me the confidence to be the leader he wants me to be and to glorify him in all that we do this summer.
  • General Prayers: Safety while we are at work in the community.
  • That God continues to bless and further the relationship between Forge Flint, Joy Tabernacle, and the Civic Park Community.
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